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QLD Greens membership options

Message from the BlakGreens, Qld Delegate:
The First Nations free membership is an action to ‘pay the rent’. The Qld Greens have implemented this cost-free membership as a direct response to supporters of the Qld BlakGreens work.

First Nations people can select whichever membership option they prefer, to pay or not.

If you choose to pay a membership fee you will be reminded to renew your membership before it lapses. If you would prefer your paid membership to be automatically renewed or to pay your membership monthly, please use this form instead.

All membership fees are inclusive of GST.

If you have a Family membership under the old Family Memberships scheme and are seeking to renew your membership, please call the office on (07) 3357 8458 to renew.

Donations and membership fees are tax deductible up to $1,500 per financial year.
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