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Who are we as a nation?

Australia has become an international embarrassment in trampling human rights at every turn, where even Donald Trump is taking leads from our politicians, like Peter Dutton, for the wide-ranging cruelties he chooses to inflict on the vulnerable – children, women, men, refugees, immigrants…

You have a voice and choice about the kind of nation you want Australia to be.

Dutton’s Australia is un-Democratic and un-Australian.

Remember that line in our national anthem: “For those who’ve come across the seas there’s boundless plains to share”. We do and we strongly believe and know that There is A Better Way. A better way for a more cost-effective, humane and compassionate future for Australia that respects the Rule of Law and the international rules-based order.

Do you want an egalitarian nation where our children, and their children, all have the opportunities to maximise their potential, reach their destiny, live life fulfilled? We do.

Let’s get together with Benedict Coyne, Greens candidate for Dickson, and build the strong, sensible and sustainable future we need for our children.  Benedict is the confident, compassionate, dedicated alternative to Dutton.

Benedict, and the Greens, are committed to a fair, just and sustainable future for all of us and we want you to join our movement for change!

The Greens are the only party that truly reflect our proud, shared national identity; the only party that put forward a positive vision for decades to come, where communities are prioritised over corporations. We live in a community and an economy. The choices that we make, that you make, at the next Federal election, they matter. You are voting for the future for your children and the future of our entire nation!

Do it for your kids!

Do it for our democracy!

Do it for Dickson.

Join our movement. Volunteer and Invest Now for a Dutton-Free-Future!

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